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[ Did You Know Water Facts from Ask HR Green ]

Did You Know Facts:

  • The flow of rain or melted snow over parking lots, sidewalks, streets and other hard, nonabsorbent surfaces is called stormwater runoff.
  • The stormwater system takes rain water away from homes and streets through the stormwater openings you see on your neighborhood curb or the grates in the pavement.
  • Unlike the wastewater that comes from inside your home, stormwater is not cleaned at a treatment plant. Instead, it flows to our local waterways.
  • Hampton Roads raw water sources include aquifers, reservoirs, lakes and rivers. Most of our drinking water comes from surface water which is pumped to water treatment plants. Once the water is cleaned and safe to drink, it is pumped through a network of pipes and storage facilities to homes and businesses.
  • Wastewater leaving our homes travels through miles of pipes to nine treatment plants across the region where debris is screened and settled out of the wastewater. Bacteria and other small organisms then consume the waste and help clean the water. Finally, it is disinfected before being released back into local waterways.

More information at: http://www.askhrgreen.org/public-water-systems?utm_source=Entercom&utm_medium=Display&utm_campaign=Drinking-Water-Week-Sustainability

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