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[1THING] Blog: Archive for March, 2018

[ From past 31 days, the 17 most misguided comments & actions by In(f)erior Sec. Ryan Zinke ]

Michael Reinemer

Zinke blames veterans, people with disabilities, old people for increase in park fees.


[ Clean energy boom played key role in recent US carbon emissions drop, study shows ]

Wind, solar and other clean energy development held their own against natural gas, accounting for nearly one-third of emissions reductions 2007 – 2013.


[ In case you missed it: Lead levels once deemed “safe” may cause cardiovascular death in adults ]

It’s a wakeup call for policymakers: America’s continuing lead problem must be addressed.


[ How environmental innovation will transform business as usual ]

Google, Walmart and other leading companies are investing in innovations that empower people to take action.


[ New report outlines 5 key principles for responsible oil and gas management on America’s public lands ]

Alex Thompson

Today, the Hispanic Access Foundation, Protect Our Winters, The Wilderness Society, and Rocky Mountain Farmers Union released a new report


[ We stood up for America’s wildest forests–but another big fight is on the horizon ]

Congress has passed a bill to fund the federal government without proposals that could have introduced logging and road-building to millions of acres of America’s wildest forests.


[ How a groundswell of citizen activism helped save the EPA ]

Congress listened and this will mean less pollution, healthier kids and, just maybe, a reality check for Washington politics.


[ People deserve a say on what happens to Bears Ears–not just mining and energy interests ]

The Trump administration has quietly scheduled public meetings on how the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments will be managed in the future, minimizing input from the public while propping up fossil fuel and other special interests.


[ Long-awaited spending bill boosts key conservation funding, includes needed wildfire budget fix ]

Michael Reinemer

Congress appears to be ready to pass its federal funding bill without previously proposed attacks on essential protections for national forests and other public lands.


[ MEMO: Trump administration pursuing overly aggressive timeline for Arctic Refuge drilling ]

Tim Woody


TO: National Energy and Environmental Reporters